IBS Spiderman Kit for Glass Cleaning


• This Spiderman Kit is used for Glass / Window Cleaning purpose
• Various Length of Rope to choose from as per your building height
• All Test Certificates will be provided along with the material
• This price is inc. of GST which you can claim by providing your company details at checkout page

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IBS Spiderman Kit for Glass Cleaning

Brand IBS
Glass Cleaning on height
Total no. of qty in kit
Item 1
1 X Full body Sit Harness (10009 B)
Item 2
1 X Double Stop Descender with Autolock Karabiner
Item 3
1 X 50 Mtr Rope 10.5 MM
Item 4 1 X 50 Mtr Rope 14 MM
Item 5
1 X Fall Arrester With Karabiner SS
Item 6
3 X Karabiner MS
Item 7
1 X Rope Protector (305)
Item 8
1 X Glass Suction Cup
Item 9
1 X Free Bag
Rope Length

50 Mtrs Each, 75 Mtrs Each, 100 Mtrs Each


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